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Professional Practice Commission


The PPC is the author and proponent of sustaining and implementing “The UIA Accord on International Standards of Professionalism in Architectural Practice” (the “Accord”)


Adopted by the UIA General Assembly in Beijing, PR China in 1999 the “Accord” contains 18 policy statements and 14 fully developed guidelines regarding those policies. The commission continuously reviews the current relevance of the standards of practice, and develops new documents that are reviewed and adopted by the UIA Council on a regular basis. The updated document is adopted by the UIA General Assembly at the conclusion of each Triennium.


The Accord is intended to be a guide available to member section professionals and utilization by governments and lawmakers in the promotion of the global mobility of architects.



Rick A. Lincicome (USA)

Rick A. Lincicome, AIA has over 38 years of experience practicing globally. As CEO of Ellerbe Becket and Global Director of Architecture for AECOM he has overseen projects and practices in the Middle East China and Korea.


He has served as co-director of the PPC since 2012 and was recently reappointed for the 27th Triennium.

Zhuang Weimin (China)

ZHUANG Weimin is the Dean of School of Architecture of Tsinghua University and the President of Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University. He is the architect for many important projects in China, including the Reconstruction of National Art Gallery, the Swimming & Diving Gymnasium for World University Games, the Judo & Taekwondo Gymnasium and Shooting Range Hall for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, for which he has been awarded a number of important prizes.


He is the Council Member of UIA, Co-director of UIA Professional Practice Commission, Standing Council member of the Architecture Society of China.

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