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Drawn up jointly by UNESCO and the UIA and approved by the UNESCO General Conference, the UNESCO-UIA Regulations for International Competitions lay down the conditions required to launch and run an international architectural competition, and specify the respective rights and obligations of promoters and competitors. The UIA is the sole body mandated by UNESCO to oversee the application of these rules respected and approve competitions organized according to them.


Through its advisory role, the International Union of Architects guarantees the exemplariness of international competitions such as those that led to the construction of contemporary landmark buildings like the Sydney Opera House, Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Tokyo International Forum, and the Alexandria Library in Egypt.


Jerzy Grochulski (Poland)

Jerzy Grochulski is a professor in the Warsaw School of Technology's architecture department. He is the director and a partner of the PRO-ARTE11 architectural studio that specialises in sports facilities and places of worship. He served as president of the Polish Association of Architects (SARP).


He served on the Author’s Law commission within the Ministry of Culture and has worked on the Architecture and Urban Planning commission for the city of Warsaw. Jerzy Grochulski is a member of the UIA Council since 2011.




Regina Gonthier (Switzerland)

After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts and Architecture at Scripps College, Claremont, California in the United States, R. Gonthier completed her studies in architecture, and later taught, at the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) in Zurich, Switzerland. She is an architect and town-planner and practices in Berne since 1986.


R. Gonthier is very committed to the field and has actively participated in national professional, regional international organizations, including the UIA Council from 1999-2005, from 2011-2014 and from 2014-2017. She is Vice-President of the National Swiss Committee for Competitions in Architecture and Engineering.