SEOUL 2017
Winners of the 2017 3rd Edition of UIA Architecture & Children Golden Cubes Awards
Architecture and Children
Architecture and Children - New edition of the Golden Cube Awards
Architecture and Renewable Energy Sources
‘Design and optimization of zero energy consumption buildings’ with UIA CPD and ARES Work Programme
Architecture and Children
The city environment for learning

architectural education


The purpose of the Education Commission and Validation System is :


  • to advance the quality and access to high quality education globally, leading to higher quality architecture for the public good, and increased transportability of architectural education across borders.
  • acts as UIA think-tank for Architectural Education topics, reflecting and proposing guidelines, documents, proposals and opinions related to Education.


The UNESCO-UIA Charter on architectural education elaborated in 1996, lays out a series of guidelines aimed at ensuring that young architects are capable of meeting the professional, social and cultural challenges of the modern world.


Mostafa Magda (Egypt)

Nepomechie Marilys R. (USA)