Architecture and Society

ARES - Architecture and Renewable Energy Sources

The four major issues of the International Work Program are:

  • Incorporation of ARES in an urban building environment Methodology – Applied Experience
  • Educational & Informational procedures for Architects & Engineers Understanding & decoding ARES
  • New technologies Systems, building materials – Examples – Options
  • ARES & Legislative Frame – Incorporation of new technologies in an integrated international legislative frame


For all the above reasons, the U.I.A., which is the most recognized international organization of Architects, will play a leader role towards an “Architecture implementing Renewable Energy Sources”.


Nikos Fintikakis - Greece

Nikos Fintikakis studied Architecture at the national technical university of Athens and post – graduated at the Heriot-Watt university of Edinburgh. He is senior partner of «SYNTHESIS AND RESEARCH Ltd».


His architectural work is specifically related in the fields of ZERO Energy Design and in environmental protection, renewable energy sources. Together with his firm he designed urban planning, offices, educational, tourism, cultural, leisure and sport facilities, major infrastructure with the use of renewable energy sources, bioenvironmental urban and regional planning. He is coordinating many Greek and European public and private projects and research programs.


Council member of the Greek Association of Architects and member of the International Relations committee of Technical Chamber of Greece, Nikos Fintikakis is Member of the UIA Bureau since 2017.