Architecture and Society

Responsible Architecture

Old Market Library By TYIN Tegnestue
Old Market Library By TYIN Tegnestue, Min Buri, Bangkok, Thailand. Photo © Pasi Aalto

Architecture involves in the shaping of the built environment thus the manmade structures designed by Architects throughout history have changed the composition of the natural environment which in turn has changed the living patterns of mankind.


Architects as creators of these built environments are responsible for the effects on the Natural Environment, Society and as Architects are professionals they are also responsible for proper practice of the profession.


In the above context the UIA Work programme identifies 3 clear areas of importance

  1. Environmental and Contextual responsible Architecture
  2. Social and Cultural responsible Architecture
  3. Professionally responsible Architecture (Ethics and Codes of conduct for Architectural Practices)


Information is be collected worldwide from member institutions, of examples of work and documentation on the above 3 areas and it is to be shared among all UIA member organizations for collective action for ARCHITECTURE FOR RESPONSIBLE FUTURE


At the end of the current period of office it’s envisaged to publish a document/ Resolution on the findings as a UIA publication/Resolution on ARCHITECTURE FOR RESPONSIBLE FUTURE



Jayantha Perera - Sri Lanka

Jayantha Perera completed his undergraduate and postgraduate architectural education at the University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka.


Over two decades he practices with one of the Major Architectural Practices in Sri Lanka Design Consortium Ltd. He was responsible the “Deer Park resort” Giritale Sri Lanka which received the prestigious Green Globe award. At present he is the Principal Architect of his own practice “Architect Jayantha Perera”


Jayantha Perera was elected President of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (2007-2009), Chairman of Architects Registration Board Sri Lanka (2009 -2011). He is the founder Director of the Sri Lanka green building council. He currently is a Board member of the Faculty of architecture of the University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka and a Board member of Directors of the City School of Architecture (Colombo).