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Architecture for All

Ingrained & Ewe Architects, Malopolska Garden of Art, Kraków
Ingrained & Ewe Architects, Malopolska Garden of Art, Kraków - Friendly spaces accessible to all UIA Prize

Overall objective

  • To promote the idea of friendly architectural and urban design addressed to all kind of users.
  • To improve the architectural and urban quality through skilled use of friendly space organization, scale, shapes and material.
  • To show that accessibility is a necessary but one the factors of friendly architecture and environment.
  • The aims are implemented by the organization of the Award Friendly Spaces Accessible to All.


Fionnuala Rogerson - Ireland

Krzystof Chwalibog - Poland

Architect graduated from Warsaw Technical University in 1964, Krzysztof Chwalibóg is in private practice since 1975. He designs housing, churches, and tourism facillities.


He was the President of the Polish Architects Association-SARP  (1991-2000) and has chaired the Polish Architecture Council.


Krzysztof Chwalibóg  is co-author of the ‘Polish Architectural Policy’ and an Honorary professor of the Xian University 2000