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Cultural Identity - Architectural Heritage

Great Mosque in Aleppo, Syrie
Great Mosque in Aleppo, Syria, 2014. Photo ©Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP

Overall objective

  • To study, apply, promote and popularize the theory, method and scientific skill of the architectural heritage conservation.
  • To provide the professional consulting service for the architectural heritage conservation to promote its comprehensive protection and research.
  • To organize the international academic exchange activity among the architects and scholars who are specialized in the architectural heritage conservation and study


In Souk Cho - Korea (Republic of)

M. Architecture, GS SungKyunKwan University, Seoul, Korea 2001. Ph.D in architectural History specializing in historic conservation and restoration, GS SungKyunKwan University, Seoul, Korea

Founder and the Principal of DaaRee Architect & Associates, since 1986

Engaged in the projects of heritage architecture designs in Korea and other countries (China, Singapore, Bangladesh and Ethiopia)


Taught Architectural History, Design, Design studio, Hanok and traditional culture

Architects Group KWANGJANG, SAMJUNG A & E, and KIJN Group (1978-1985)

Assigned to work as Expert Architect in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Advising Architect for the City Government of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Sep.2005-Feb.2006


In-Souk Cho received the following distinctions:

  • Prime Minister’s Citation Medal for devoting Architects on Architecture Day 2014
  • Architectural Award for Hanok (traditional Korean houses) Excellency 2011: Design of
  • CheonGan-Sa Buddhist temple in Seoul
  • ARCASIA Award for Architecture 2011-2012 Category D-2: A restoration work of the HMS House – Memorial Museum of literature in Seoul



Kecheng Liu - China

Liu Kecheng received his M.A. and B.A. at Xi’an University of architecture and technology (XAUAT) in 1984. He is currently the dean of school of architecture of XAUAT, chair of DOCOMOMO China, director of Conservation center of monuments and site of Shaanxi Province, director of Xi’an Research institute of urban heritage.


Professor Liu's research and practice focuses mainly on the preservation of cultural heritage and museum design.


He received National Expert with extraordinary contributions Award (including special funding from State council of P.R.C.) in 1994, National expert of the new millennium Award in 2006 and 100 Contemporary architects in China in 2012, along with many national and international academic and professional awards in competitions and tenders.