UIA - HYP CUP 2016 Under Bernard Tschumi's Guidance


Architecture in Transformation - Concept and Notation


First Prize: "Love Village", QIU Yuxin, ZHAO Yimeng, Tianjin University

The fifth edition of the UIA-HYP Cup 2016 International Student Competition in Architectural Design, launched by the School of Architecture of Tianjin University and the Chinese press group, Urban Environmental Design (UED) has been concluded.





The theme of the competition held annually on the Chinese mainland is always “Architecture in Transformation,” but the specific focus changes every year.  The subject for the 2016 edition was “Concept and Notation,” a topic chosen by jury chairman Bernard Tschumi.


Mr. Tschumi asked participants to explore the  “The Unexpected City”, “the city in transition and the city of the future.”


The participants chose a site of around 4,000 m2 for their projects and can define its characteristics.





The jury attributed 12 prizes: a First Prize, three Second Prizes, and eight Third Prizes.


The winning project for 2016 is “Love Village,” by Qui Yuxin and Zhao Yimeng, both students at China’s Tianjin University.


Three projects received Second Prizes:

  • “One Day Lover Hotel”, by Zhang Yi and Xie Dan, China Academy of Art
  • “Time Flows. A cemetery that tells a story”, Gao Haoge, Tang Bohan and Wang Jiayi, Tsinghua University
  • “Jardin Silencieux”/a cemetery rethinking”, Alisa Ermolaeva, Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering


Eight projects received Third Prizes:

  • “Urban Aphasia Hut”, Chun-Chang Tsai, Tamkang University
  • “Paradise Manifesto – Design of the cemetery for Grandma”, Northwestern Polytechnical University
  • “Music in the city”, Zhou Yiyun, Li Shuting, Fujian University of Technology
  • “Prophets’ Rock”, Zhou Yuanyi and Guo Yishuang, South China University of Technology
  • “Generator & Indicator”, Zhong Cheng, Tsinghua University
  • “Light Memorial”, Liu Zhaolong, Southeast University
  • “Domino- Extinction Animals’ Cemetary”, Yang Chen, Fan Yi’an, Southeast University
  • “Meet You Here – the love creater”, Dai Wenying and Ling Wenqian, Wuhan University, Chongqing University



School of architecture, Tianjin University / Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine Press


11 February 2016

Registration deadline

31 July 2016

Results Announcement



  • Bernard Tschumi, Jury Chairman, Famous Architecture Design Master, Founder of Bernard Tschumi Architects, Former Dean of School of Architecture, Columbia University
  • Cui Kai, Executive Jury Chairman, UIA Representative; Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Chinese Architecture Design Master
  • René-Henri Arnaud, Chairman of the French AS Architecture Studio; Architect
  • Huang Sheng-Yuan, Fieldoffice Architects
  • Winka Dubbeldam, University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Principle and founder of Archi-tectoincs
  • Ole Gustavsen, AHO/The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Rector
  • Hitoshi Abe, UCLA A.UD, Chair
  • Zhuang Weimin, Dean of School of Architecture, Tsinghua University
  • Li Zhenyu, Dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University
  • Han Dongqing, Dean of School of Architecture, Southeast University
  • Zhang Qi, Dean of School of Architecture, Tianjin University
  • Liu Kecheng, Professor and PhD Tutor of School of Architecture, and Urban Planning, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology
  • Peng Lixiao, Chief Editor of Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine; Director of China Building Centre; Guest Professor of the School of Architecture, Tianjin University
  • Gong Jun, Executive Director; General Manager and Design Director of HYP Architectural Design Consultants, Inc.
  • Kong Yuhang, Deputy Dean of the School of Architecture, Tianjin University; Professor and PhD Tutor


1st Prize
Love Village
Tianjin University
Yuxin Qiu (China), Yimeng Zhao (China)