2017 Edition of the Biennial International Prize for Architecture "Barbara Cappochin"


Organised every two years since 2005 and endorsed by the International Union of Architects (UIA), the Barbara Cappochin Prize recognizes architectural work spotlighting the vital role of architecture plays in the evolution of our landscape. It focuses on the periphery of cities, bio-architecture, energy efficiency and sustainable urban planning.
The prize is organised by the Barbara Cappochin Foundation and the Order of Architects, Urban Planners, Landscape Architects, and Conservationists of Padua province. The International Union of Architects has supported the prize since its creation. For the 2017 Edition of the Prize, architect Marc DiDomenico, Director of the Florence Institute of Design International, represented the UIA on the international jury.
The international jury also included architect Livio Sacchi (Italy), architect Francisco Mangado (Spain) and architect Roger Riew (UK). It met on 20 July 2017 in Padua to evaluate the submitted projects.  
The jury awarded First Prize to Varavarn Varudh - Vin Varavarn Architects (Thailand) for their work, “Baan Huay Sarn Yaw – Post Disaster School”, a project which used minimal resources to “achieve strong architectural values,” creating an “attractive and powerful space.” The jury appreciated the “simple and humble approach to the building materials, showing a respectful relationship with the surrounding topography and landscape.”  The jury also admired the “social commitment to the emergency conditions” demonstrated by the architects, who showed that it is possible to “design quality architecture even in these difficult circumstances.” 
The following projects were also recognised by the jury:
Honourable Mentions were awarded to: 
  • Garcia de Paredes Angela
 - Studio Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos (Spain) for their work: “Ceuta Public Library

  • Fierro Stanislao - Studio Fierro (Spain) for their work, “Centro di formazione per l’occupazione di Baza - Granada”
  • Tagliabue Franco - Studio ifdesign (Italy) for their work, “Wigglyhouse
The Jury attributed a Special Mention to Clemente Maria Claudia and LABICS (Italy) for their work, “Casa del sole.”


Barbara Cappochin Foundation
Italian National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists (CNAPPC)


09 April 2017

Registration deadline

30 July 2017

Submission Deadline

30 July 2017

Results Announcement



  • Luca Molinari, Architect (Italy)

  • Livio Sacchi, Architect – Delegate of the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists (N.C.A.P.L.C.) (Italy)
  • Francisco Mangado, Architect (Spain)
  • Roger Riewe, Architect - Delegate of the Architects’ Council of Europe (A.C.E.)
  • Marc DiDomenico, Architect (USA) - UIA representative


The President of the jury is the C.N.A.P.P.C. representative.