Urban renewal of one Schuman square in Brussels
Future architects from Korea and Singapore illustrate speed and slowness

le règlement Unesco-UIA

UIA guide for international architecture and urban planning competitions

This model competition brief was designed to lay out the principles on which international architecture and urban planning competitions are set up, so that they can easily be implemented by promoters and organisers. This model brief was created to serve the interests of both promoters and competitors. 
The UNESCO General Conference adopted it in 1956 and approved revisions in 1978. UNESCO requested that the International Union of Architects (UIA) oversee its observance and provide assistance to international competition organisers. 
In the UIA Guide to International Competitions, explanations and advice on implementation are provided for each article of the model programme to help promoters set up their own international competition. 
This guide is available in English or French, upon request to the UIA secretariat: