18 July 2016
2016 edition of the TERRA Award: The laureates

The 2016 edition of the TERRA Award, the first international prize for earthen architecture, has reached a successful conclusion.


The Terra Award was organized with the support of the UNESCO Chair “Earthen architecture, construction cultures and sustainable development” and partners Labex AE&CC-CRAterre-ENSAG Lab research unit, the amàco project, the Grands Ateliers, the CRAterre association and EcologiK/EK magazine.


Two juries composed of reputable international experts, institutional representatives of institutions and all collaborators in the earth sector judged the submissions in two phases. The first phase resulted in a shortlist of 40 projects and a jury of honour adjudicated the most recently concluded second phase.


The buildings were judged according to the following criteria: architectural quality and landscape integration, environmental approach and energy performance, creativity and innovation, technical performance, local economy and social intensity and showcasing of skills.


Wang Shu, 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate, was the president of honour of this year’s TERRA Award. The final jury meeting took place on 9 July 2016 and UIA Past President Albert Dubler represented the UIA.


The following edifices, new or renovated and all necessarily completed after January 2000, were recognized in the nine Award categories:


  • Individual housing:  “21st Century Vernacular House” (Ayerbe, Spain, 2014) by architect Angels Castellarnau Visus for clients Alejandro Ascaso Sarasa & Angels Castellarnau Visus
  • Collective housing: “Houses for Shepherds” (Pilbara, Western Australia, 2014) by architect Luigi Rosselli for a private client
  • School, sports and health facilities: “High School Païamboué” (Koné, New Caledonia, 2015) by architects André Berthier, Joseph Frassanito, Espaces Libres (K’ADH) for the North Province of New Caledonia
  • Cultural facilities and religious buildings: “Community Library” (Ampebussa, Sri Lanka, 2015) by Robust Architecture Workshop (Milinda Pathiraja & Ganga Ratnayake) for Sinha regiment.
  • Offices, shops and factories: “Central Market” (Koudougou, Burkina-Faso, 2005) by architects Laurent Séchaud & Pierre Jéquier for the City of Koudougou.
  • Interior layout and design: “Renovation of the Al Jahili Fort” (Alain, Abou Dhabi, 2008) by architects Roswag & Jankowski Architekten for the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Cultural Authority (TCAAbu Dhabi)
  • Exterior design, art and landscape: “Stairway to Heaven and City of Orion” (Plaine de Marha, Morocco, 2003) by the artist Hannsjörg Voth
  • Architecture and local development: Post Earthquake village reconstruction (Ma‘anqiao, China, 2008) by architects Mu Jun, Edward Ng, Zhou Tiegang, Wan Li & Ma Jie
  • Workshops, training and festivals: “Secmol Campus” (Leh, Ladakh, India, 2012) by architect Sonam Wangchuk for the SECMOL alternative school



The jury also decided to give a Prize for technological innovation to Martin Rauch and his team Lehm Ton Erde.


Trophies were presented to the winners in Lyon on 14 July 2016 at the end of the Terra 2016 World Congress.  The traveling exhibition was presented in Mai in Grenoble and is now in Lyon until 18 September. It will then travel to Bordeaux and to Strasbourg and in many places all over the world.


More information: Terra Award Website


For more information on the exhibition, please contact Caroline Breton


To find out more about the 40 finalists, please take a look at the book Architecture en terre d’aujourd’hui


  • Angels Castellarnau Visus
  • Luigi Rosselli
  • André Berthier, Joseph Frassanito, Espaces Libres (K’ADH)
  • Robust Architecture Workshop (Milinda Pathiraja & Ganga Ratnayake)
  • Laurent Séchaud & Pierre Jéquier
  • Roswag & Jankowski Architekten
  • Hannsjörg Voth
  • Mu Jun, Edward Ng, Zhou Tiegang, Wan Li & Ma Jie
  • Sonam Wangchuk
  • Martin Rauch and his team Lehm Ton Erde

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