28 September 2011
UIA 2011 Tokyo Declaration

beyond disasters


The XXIV UIA Congress held in Tokyo from 26th to 28th September 2011, six and a half months after the historical disasters of March 2011 in Eastern Japan, magnetized 5,000 professionals and students related to the architectural and urban fields, from more than 100 nations and territories around the world. Deeply affected by the devastating events, participants passionately discussed what had happened then and what should be done now, under the Congress theme:




Major discussions identified together, the forecasting and back casting visions of architectural and urban design 40 years hence, which would enlighten us on the role of our profession going forward from prior charters and declarations of UIA.

These were sorted into themes, environment, culture and life.


Consequently we commit ourselves to:

  • Learn from moving beyond disasters around the globe to overcome the challenges to our profession of diversely related disciplines, in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability,
  • Exchange, using contemporary media, the many global and local initiatives for better equity and diversity, by moving beyond the existing boundaries of region and culture, whilst remembering and learning from the past, through solidarity,
  • Promote responsibility within our profession, support architects and architecture, and enhance the regional quality of life for all people, together with governments and others, by closing the gaps in social justice, whilst working towards sustainability.


The Participants of UIA2011 Tokyo
Le 28 September 2011