08 January 2014
The UIA announces the creation of .archi



The UIA has supported the internet extension project, .archi, which will be available in the spring of 2014. While committing itself to the project, the UIA has decided to limit the usage of this extension to architects and to its member sections.


They could henceforth be represented on the Internet as members of an identifiable community of professionals.


In keeping with its core values, the UIA supports the project in order to protect its members, to defend the interests of architects and to promote the architectural field.


The .archi ensures :

  • Increased clarity and transparency for architects;
  • Greater visibility for professional organizations and for their members;
  • A guarantee for clients.


Using .archi, each architect, organization or firm wishing to make itself visible on the internet can add the extension.archi to its name, as, for example, john-smith.archi or smith- and-sons.archi


The introduction of .archi is part of a program put forward by ICANN, (which manages global internet domain name system) allowing the appearance of thousands new extensions.


The UIA Member Sections are able starting now to protect their acronym and to reserve their domain name followed by the extension, .archi.


To find about more about .archi and to reserve your domain name with the extension