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Urban renewal of one Schuman square in Brussels
Future architects from Korea and Singapore illustrate speed and slowness


Dedicated to the memory of the first UIA presidents, the UIA Prizes were created in 1961 to recognise professionals whose merits, talents, or actions have made an international impact in a particular aspect of the architectural profession:

  • Sir Patrick Abercrombie Prize for town planning and territorial development
  • Auguste Perret Prize for technology applied to architecture
  • Jean Tschumi Prize for architectural theory, criticism or education
  • Sir Robert Matthew Prize for improving the quality of human settlements

In 2007, a new Prize named for UIA Past President Vassilis Sgoutas recognises inventive implemented architectural solutions for alleviating poverty and indigence.

These prizes are awarded every three years, and the winners are honoured during a ceremony at the International Union of Architects' triennial world congress.


Please note that aspirants to the Vassilis Sgoutas Prize, as with the other UIA Prizes, must be officially nominated by a UIA Member Section.

Other prizes are awarded as part of the activities carried out by UIA working bodies, these include the international competition for research in architectural teaching, the competition for bioclimatic emergency shelters for disaster victims, the Golden Cube awards given by the work programme Architecture and children, the international award “Friendly Spaces Accessible to All”

session 2017

The Auguste Perret Prize for Applied Technology in Architecture will go to Nikolay Shumakov (Russia), nominated by the UIA’s Russian Member Section.

The Jean Tschumi Prize for Architectural Criticism or Architectural Education was attributed to Professor Ashraf M Salama (Egypt), nominated by the UIA’s Egyptian Member Section.

The Sir Robert Matthew Prize for the Improvement of the Quality of Human Settlements went to South African Carin Smuts. Ms. Smuts was nominated by the UIA’s French Section.

The Vassilis Sgoutas Prize recognizing inventive, implemented architectural solutions for reducing poverty and indigence was awarded to Vietnamese Hoang Thuc Hao. Mr. Hoang was nominated by the UIA’s Vietnamese Section.