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1st UNESCO-UIA & MIDO Student Prize for Responsible Architecture
Francesco Bandarin, Esa Mohamed
20th anniversary of the UNESCO-UIA Charter for Educational Education
Kate Schwennsen ©Clemson University
Kate Schwennsen among the most admired educators in the USA

architectural education


The purpose of the Education Commission and Validation System is :


  • to advance the quality and access to high quality education globally, leading to higher quality architecture for the public good, and increased transportability of architectural education across borders.
  • acts as UIA think-tank for Architectural Education topics, reflecting and proposing guidelines, documents, proposals and opinions related to Education.


The UNESCO-UIA Charter on architectural education elaborated in 1996, lays out a series of guidelines aimed at ensuring that young architects are capable of meeting the professional, social and cultural challenges of the modern world.


Fernando Ramos (Spain)

Professor at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona (SP) (1971-2014), he was dean of this School from 1984 to1991 and Invited professor at the Institut d’Architecture de l’Université de Genève (CH) (1996-2009).


His professional experience counts with the reconstruction of the Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona Pavilion (1988) and the Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum (MACBA) as Richard Meier’s Partner (1996).


He was director of the Redaction group for UNESCO-UIA Charter for Architectural Education, and also contributed to the establishment of the Architects directive of the EU Committee for Architectural Education as member (1988-1995) and President (1992-1995).



Kate Schwennsen (USA)

Chair of the School of Architecture, Clemson University, SC, and Professor of Architectural Design Studios and Professional Practice courses.


Her teaching and research focus on evolving models of practice and education in architecture, and issues of diversity and leadership.


Member of the South Carolina Board of Architectural Examiners, K. Schwennsen was 2006 President of the AIA-American Institute of Architects, the second woman to serve as the elected leader of this then-149-year-old, 80,000-member organization.