architectural education

formation architecturale

1st UNESCO-UIA & MIDO Student Prize for Responsible Architecture
Francesco Bandarin, Esa Mohamed
20th anniversary of the UNESCO-UIA Charter for Educational Education
Kate Schwennsen ©Clemson University
Kate Schwennsen among the most admired educators in the USA

architectural education


The purpose of the Education Commission and Validation System is :


  • to advance the quality and access to high quality education globally, leading to higher quality architecture for the public good, and increased transportability of architectural education across borders.
  • acts as UIA think-tank for Architectural Education topics, reflecting and proposing guidelines, documents, proposals and opinions related to Education.


The UNESCO-UIA Charter on architectural education elaborated in 1996, lays out a series of guidelines aimed at ensuring that young architects are capable of meeting the professional, social and cultural challenges of the modern world.


Mostafa Magda (Egypt)

Nepomechie Marilys R. (USA)