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Public Health

What we do

The UIA Public Health Work Programme aspires to develop a universal standard for efficient, safe and pleasant health care facilities the world over, contributing to faster healing and optimal working conditions for healthcare professionals

How we do it

Seminars  The backbone of the UIA Public Health activities are the International Public Health Seminars (IPHS), organised in collaboration with IHF and WHO. 

Representation – Programme members regularly represent UIA Public Health at WHO assemblies and conferences, congresses on primary health care, nursing, hospital engineering etc. UIA Public Health is also responsible for the discussion groups on architecture and engineering at International Hospital Congresses.

Information – As part of a lively exchange of information and counsel among members, national sections, national and international organizations and institutes of health and hospital care, the members regularly contribute scientific and professional analysis, reports and publications.


Who we work with

The Programme circulates knowledge and experience among architects, engineers and consultants, health care managers and providers, health care organisations and governments, and the general public. 


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  • Cliff Harvey - Canada
    Cliff Harvey, MSc(HQ), EDAC, OAA, FRAIC is the Director of the Public Health Work Group (UIA-PHG 2017-2020). He has had roles as Senior Architect in the Ontario Government, Senior Hospital Executive, a practicing Healthcare Architect and now Chief Planning Officer for Niagara Health. Cliff strives for excellence through continual learning and professional curiosity, always challenging himself to stay ahead of the curve. He volunteers his time to boards, committees, professional task groups, and advises on educational programs, all focused on health and design. Cliff is an international speaker on health, care, and design. He is a Founding Director for the Canadian Centre for Healthcare Facilities (CCHF).


  • Alessandra Ferrari - Italy
  • Thomas Schinko - France
  • Karin Imoberdorf - Switzerland
  • Fani Vavili-Tsinika - Greece
  • Zsolt Istvan Kiss - Hungary
  • Nirit Pilosof - Israël
  • Jeronimo Morais - Brazil
  • Augusto Xavier Ballen Rey - Colombia
  • Warren Kerr - Australia
  • Stephen Kin Wai Ho - Hong Kong
  • Simon Wan Heng Hui - Hong Kong
  • Yuval Geni - Israël
Reference documents
Activity Report 2020: Public Health Group Work Programme

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