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The 2017 Auguste Perret Prize - Nikolay Shumakov (Russia)

For Applied Technology in Architecture 2017


At the 2017 UIA Congress in Seoul, Korea, Russian architect Nikolay Ivanovich Shumakov won the UIA’s Auguste Perret Prize for Applied Technology in Architecture. For over forty years, his work has focused on the design and construction of transport infrastructure in Moscow and other Russian cities.

Even working within the most severe technological and engineering restrictions, Shumakov has become known for his vividly imaginative and innovative architecture. According to the Union of Architects of Russia, the UIA’s Russian section, which nominated him for the Prize, he is distinguished by his mastery of style and technological sophistication. “Every metro station is unique, made in the peculiar manner of the master, highly innovative in accordance with the rapidly modifying technological and safety standards.”

Born on 1 April 1954 in Russia’s Chelyabinsk Region, Nikolay Shumakov graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARHI) in 1977 and was immediately hired by the Metrogiprotrans Design Institute, specializing in transport infrastructure for industrial and urban purposes.

Shumakov became Chief Architect for the Institute in 1993 and was awarded membership of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts by the Russian government in 2002.

He was elected President of the Union of Moscow Architects in 2012 and President of the Union of Architects of Russian in 2016. He has been a professor at the Moscow Architectural Institute since 2014 and a member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences since 2017.

Shumakov was awarded the State Order of Friendship by the Russian Federation, and was twice laureate of the Moscow Prize for his work on the Zhivopisniy bridge and for a series of stations on lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line of the Moscow Metro. International exhibitions in Brussels, Strasbourg and Paris have also recognised Nikolay Shumakov’s work for its innovative use of new technologies.

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