International Union of Architects

Rio 2020

All the worlds. Just one world. Architecture 21

19 Jul 2020 - 26 Jul 2020

The 27th edition of the World Congress of Architects is the largest and most important international forum on architecture. Its theme will be "All the Worlds. One World. Architecture 21". The event will be an opportunity to discuss the current urban reality in all its diversity. For the first time, the Congress will take the streets of the host city, with activities and exhibitions being held in places of great architectural and landscape value. The central theme unfolds in four axes that aim to address issues facing the architectural field: Diversity and Mixture, Changes and Emergencies, Fragility and Inequalities, Transitorities and Flows.

General Secretariat

The UIA General Secretariat, placed under the responsibility of the Secretary General, is the Union's executive body and the administrative centre for the coordination of relations between the UIA Member Sections and their activities.

The General Secretariat assists architects and architecture students in getting into contact with professional colleagues throughout the world, from professional organisations and architectural schools to museums and media.

The General Secretariat helps architects to keep up to date with UIA activities, its partners and Member Sections.

General Secretariat of the International Union of Architects

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