International Union of Architects

World Cities Day

31 Oct - 31 Oct International

The United Nations declared 31 October as World Cities Day in the General Assembly of 2013. The event aims to raise public awareness of the role of urbanisation in sustainable urban development and social inclusion worldwide. 


The general theme of World Cities Day is "Better City, Better Life", while each year a different sub-theme is selected, to either promote successes of urbanisation, or address specific challenges resulting from urbanisation.


This year, the United Nations has selected the theme "Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities". Cities need to develop their capacity to absorb the impact of hazards, protect and preserve human life and limit damage to and destruction of public and private assets while continuing to provide infrastructure and services after a crisis. The main event will be celebrated in Liverpool, UK.


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General Secretariat

The UIA General Secretariat, placed under the responsibility of the Secretary General, is the Union's executive body and the administrative centre for the coordination of relations between the UIA Member Sections and their activities.

The General Secretariat assists architects and architecture students in getting into contact with professional colleagues throughout the world, from professional organisations and architectural schools to museums and media.

The General Secretariat helps architects to keep up to date with UIA activities, its partners and Member Sections.

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