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Architecture and Children

What we do 

The UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme aims to raise awareness among children of the built environment, architecture, urbanism and sustainable development. Fostering their knowledge in these fields will ensure their development as responsible citizens, able to make their voices heard and influence the political, economic and social strategies that will shape their cities and their environment.


How we do it 

The UIA Golden Cubes Awards - These triennial awards celebrate those preparing our children and young people to participate effectively in the creation and intelligent use of architecture that is humane, sustainable and respectful of its context. The awards are divided into fours categories: Schools, Institutions, Written and Audiovisual media. 

UIA Built Environment Education Charter (BEE) - The UIA BEE Charter is designed to help architects and teachers all over the world to collaborate successfully. The Charter exists in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish and Finnish.

Knowledge sharing - the UIA Architecture & children WP Website is an international platform for professionals and BEE actors. Websites within the UIA Built Environment Education Network aim to provide architects and teachers with information, ideas, materials, tools and resources. You can also find out more about our news and events on the UIA Architecture & children WP Facebook page.


Who we work with

Educators around the globe bringing architecture into their classrooms. The Programme's tools and resources are designed for teachers with a non-architectural background.



  • Suzanne de Laval - Sweden
    Suzanne de Laval (Architect SAR/MSA and PhD) is Co-Director of the UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme. She has also founded her own research company, Arkitekturanalys, ( Her research concerns planning for and with children, children’s perspectives, environmental impact assessment concerning children, built environment education for schoolchildren, and the impact of the school environment on education. Suzanne is also a chairperson for the working group ARKiS, established by the Swedish Association of Architects, focusing on built environment education.
  • Heba Safey Eldeen - Egypt
    Heba Safey Eldeen is currently a Professor of Architecture and Design at Misr International University and the American University in Cairo. She has presented and published numerous research papiers in more than 30 national and international conferences, symposia and colloquia on architecture and design, urban sociology and built environment education for children and youth. Since 2012 Heba has conducted children participatory design workshops and camps. In 2016, she organized and curated the national award “Golden Cubes” for the best practices on built-environment-education for children and youth.


  • Ewa Struzynska - France
  • Carmela Cannarella - Italy
  • Hannes Hubrich -
  • Cristina Llorente Roca - Spain
  • Pablo Amor Mendez - Spain
  • Magdalina Rajeva - Bulgaria
  • Damianos Abakoumkin - Greece
  • Krisztina Somogyi - Hungary
  • Shany Granek Isbi - Israel
  • Jason Yiu Lun Tang - Hong Kong
  • Anat Horowitz - Israel
  • Nora Saulespurena - Latvia
  • Mina Sava - Romania
  • Eliza Yokina - Romania
  • Nona S. Aznavuryan - Russian Federation
  • Tezcan Karakus Candan - Turkey
  • Carolina Pizarro - Costa Rica
  • Junko Taguchi - Japan
  • Helen Hay Lin Leung - Hong Kong
  • Julie Wai Pan Cheng - Hong Kong
  • Hyun-Jong Kwon - Korea, Republic of
  • Anat Horowitz-Harel - Israel
  • Shany Granek-Isbi - Israel
  • Katrin KOOV - Estonia
  • Ana Beatriz Goulart de Faria - Brazil
  • Rodrigo Mindlin Loeb - Brazil
  • Elisabeth Cespedes Jaramillo - Colombia
Reference documents
Built Environment Education Charter
Activity Report 2020: Architecture and Children Work Programme

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