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Intermediate Cities: Urbanism and Architects Learning Platform (UIA-CIMES)

Intermediate Cities: Urbanism and Architects Learning Platform (UIA-CIMES)

What we do


Working in collaboration with the UNESCO-CIMES Chair and other international organizations (UN-HABITAT, UCLG and others), the UIA Urbanism & Architects Work Programme endeavors to strengthen the strategic relationship between urban planners and architects, with a special focus on intermediate cities.


How we do it


Base Plan  The Programme aims to reinforce architects’ technical capacities in the fields of urbanism, town planning and management through the UNESCO Base Plan methodology and learning platform.


Workshops – The Programme offers workshops for architects and other urban planning professionals, as well as professors and architecture students in their final year of study. 


Training Courses – The Programme runs teacher-training courses for professionals interested in becoming trainers in architecture and urbanism. These courses are open to architects and representatives of local governments. All participants will receive a certificate of "Base Plan methodology trainer" on completing the course.


Who we work with


Local Architects and other urban planning professionals involved in urban transformation processes and keen to promote more inclusive and sustainable urban development.


Find out more about the UIA-CIMES Work Programme.


  • Josep Maria Llop Torné - Spain
    Josep Maria Llop Torné is the director of the UIA-CIMES Work program and the UNESCO UdL Chair. He is an architect and urban planner, whose previous experience includes PGM Metropolitan Plan Barcelona and his role as Director of Urbanism for Lleida and Director of Barcelona's Urbanism project for the 1992 Olympic Games. He has won various prizes over the course of his career, including the Spanish Prize for Urbanism for the “Pla Especial del Canyeret”, First Prize for Catalonian Urbanism, Urban Plan of Lleida SCOT (Catalan Society of Territory), and the 2010 Medal of Honor for Urbanism (COAC - Official College of Catalonian Architects, Barcelona).


  • François Roblin - France
  • -
  • Daniel Fortuna Do Couto - Portugal
  • Maria Evangelidou - Greece
  • Carolos Galanos - Greece
  • Sunnie Sing Yeung Lau - Hong Kong
  • Kenneth Kam Yiu Poon - Hong Kong
  • Kam Loi Chung - Hong Kong
  • Horacio Schwartz - Israel
Reference documents
Activity Report 2020: Intermediate Cities Urbanism & Architects Work Programme

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