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Durban 2014

Architecture Otherwhere

03 - 07 August 2014

As the Tokyo congress came to a close, the world's architects turned their sights toward Durban, South Africa, for our profession’s next global event. Architecture Otherwhere is the theme that will be both defined and studied in this forum where all points of view will come together, where all voices can be heard, without false consensus or announced revelations. Exploring architecture otherwhere, in other regions, other contexts, other social structures, through other practices; gaining a better understanding of others in order to better understand one's self. In Durban, architects will study the new geography of a world being built, with other preoccupations, other means of expression, other representation models.






UIA 2014 Durban Call for papers




Warwick Junction - International Competition for Architecture students



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Durban as an inspiration and not just a location

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 Architecture as a catalyst for change



  • Durban 2014: Azerbaidjan
  • Durban 2014: Baltic Countries
  • Durban 2014: China
  • Durban 2014: France
  • Durban 2014: Greece
  • Durban 2014: India
  • Durban 2014: Japan
  • Durban 2014: Kenya
  • Durban 2014: Kwazulu Natal
  • Durban 2014: Lebanon
  • Durban 2014: Malaysia
  • Durban 2014: Mali
  • Durban 2014: Nigeria
  • Durban 2014: Poland
  • Durban 2014: Romania
  • Durban 2014: Federation of Russia
  • Durban 2014: Slovakia
  • Durban 2014: South Africa
  • Durban 2014: Spain
  • Durban 2014: Turkey
  • Durban 2014: United Kingdom
  • Durban 2014: Ukrainia