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Architectural education commission

The Education Commission and Validation System seeks to facilitate access to high quality education globally, focusing on increasing the international mobility of architectural education. The UIA Education Commission acts as a think-tank for architectural education policy, proposing guidelines, documents, proposals and opinions related to education. The UNESCO-UIA Charter on Architectural Education, published in 1996, lays out a series of guidelines aimed at ensuring that young architects are capable of meeting the professional, social and cultural challenges of the globalised profession.



  • Magda Mostafa - Egypt
    Magda Mostafa is Associate Chair of the Architecture Department at the American University in Cairo and Design Associate at Progressive Architects, Cairo. She is specialized in design for autism and is the author of the Autism ASPECTSS™ design guidelines, winner of the UIA International Research Award in 2014. She designs globally and has shaped autism projects in Europe, the US, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Her most recent research is on the Juxtopolis© Pedagogy, a studio based research/design methodology which was recently featured in Columbia University's "The Arab City: Architecture and Representation".
  • Marilys Nepomechie - USA
    Marilys Nepomechie is an architect, Professor of Architecture, and Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives at Florida International University. Her professional and academic projects –focused on urban resilience and on the design of sustainable, affordable housing and infrastructure– are included in the archives of the U.S. National Building Museum. They have been honored withover 40 design and research awards, national and international exhibition, and wide publication. The National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Conference of Mayors, and International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam; as well as the Andrew W. Mellon, Graham, CINTAS and American Architecture Foundations have all supported her research and creative work. Nepomechie is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, and a distinguished Professor of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture-ACSA.

Sterring comitee


WAD 2017: Statement by UIA President Thomas Vonier

UNESCO - UIA validated study programmes in architecture

  • MARKHI - Moscow Architectural Institute Moscow - Federation of Russia
    Re Validated
  • AET - BSc Architectural Engineering and Technology Cairo - Egypt
    2016- 2019
  • University of Cairo, BSc in Architectural Engineering Cairo - Egypt
    Validated : 
2014 – 2017
    Re Validated : 2017 - 2022

General Secretariat

The UIA General Secretariat, placed under the responsibility of the Secretary General, is the Union's executive body and the administrative centre for the coordination of relations between the UIA Member Sections and their activities.

The General Secretariat assists architects and architecture students in getting into contact with professional colleagues throughout the world, from professional organisations and architectural schools to museums and media.

The General Secretariat helps architects to keep up to date with UIA activities, its partners and Member Sections.

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