Slovakia: Spolok architektov Slovenska (SAS)

The Slovak Architects Society had been established in 1992 as a voluntary, social, cultural and artis-tic association of the well-wishers of the architecture, with the aim to make the architecture more popular, to disseminate the information on architektur to the public and to participate on the crea-tion of an integrated architectural culture.

SAS awards every year the prize of Emil Belluš for the life-work, the oldest prestige prize of Dušan Jurkovič for the best realized project, the prize of Jozef Lacko for the best diploma project and the prize of Martin Kusý for the work in the field of research, history, theory and critics of architecture, for the presentation in professional journals and for the presentation of the architecture in media, biennially ZUUPS prize, for the best urban project. 

The awarded works of the laureates are exposed with other expositions at the periodical exhibitions in the Galery of Architecture SAS in Bratislava and in the regional cultural centres.