Co-Creating Sustainable Cities at the Local Level


Venue: Bella Center - B3 M3-4 
10:30 - 11:45 

The race to implement the SDGs will be decided in the cities, and we face a big challenge to make sure that the path for development is affordable, inclusive, and resilient. To be successful we must improve the engagement between civil society and stakeholders in architecture and urban planning to co-create sustainable cities.

This cross-stakeholder dialogue will enhance our understanding and make it easier to design solutions for the urban crisis and build a more equitable urban future. This includes protecting biodiversity, promoting healthy city life, and transforming cities through technology and innovation. Solutions must also be relevant for areas with conflict and ongoing natural disasters.

This special session will convene to address these issues and build on culture as a core component of local identity. The stakeholder group (women, youth and children, grassroots, civil society, architects, planners, academia, business and industry and local government) from UN Habitat, World Urban Campaign, HPF and UIA will share and speak about the solutions that can be implemented at the local level to mitigate the challenges and prepare for the future.