Proximity in the Small Towns of Tomorrow


Venue: Bella Center - B3 M7-8 
10:30 - 11:45 

This session aims to explore the challenges and opportunities related to the design and planning of small urban communities in the coming years. As we continue to experience rapid urbanization, small cities are becoming increasingly important. These communities offer unique opportunities for sustainable development and vibrant social interaction. However, designing for small cities requires a different approach than designing for large metropolitan areas.

In this session we will discuss strategies for developing proximity in small cities as a lever for transformation. We will examine international case studies, considering the 15-minute city concept, the “happy proximity” including successful examples of walkable and bikeable neighborhoods, mixed-use developments, and innovative public spaces. Our speakers will also address the challenges of small-town design, such as limited resources, access to technology and lack of diverse amenities.

International exchanges play a crucial role in promoting the concept of a 15-minute city and revitalizing small towns through proximity.

We believe that this session will provide valuable insights and inspiration for architects, planners, landscapers, and conservators who are involved in designing for small cities. We encourage all participants to engage in an open dialogue and share their own experiences and ideas.

This session is hosted by The National Council of Italian Architects.