The UIA’s Enduring Commitment to Gender Equity


The UIA proudly joins the global celebration of International Women’s Day by reiterating its unwavering commitment to fostering gender equity within the architectural profession.

This commitment is not simply a matter of words. In 2017, the UIA Assembly in Seoul, South Korea, adopted the “Policy on Gender Equity in Architecture“. This landmark document acknowledges the vital role women architects play in shaping our built environment and underscores the need to address the persisting gender gap.

As the Policy itself states, “The UIA aims to promote the culture of inclusion in the profession and recognizes that the gender disparity in the architectural profession needs to be seriously addressed.” While progress has been made, female architects remain underrepresented.

The UIA Gender Equity Policy goes beyond mere recognition. It serves as a practical framework for our member sections around the world. It outlines a set of principles designed to dismantle barriers and ensure fair access to opportunities for women architects. These principles encompass leadership roles, equal pay and working conditions, representation in governance and professional organizations, and access to professional development resources.

By promoting these goals, the UIA aspires to cultivate a truly inclusive architectural profession. We envision a future where women architects can reach their full potential and contribute their unique perspectives and talents to designing a better built environment for all. The UIA remains a steadfast advocate for this vision, working alongside its member sections to turn it into reality.