Promotion of High-Quality Architecture through Architectural Design Competitions and Awards/Prizes


The International Union of Architects advocates for the fundamental values of design excellence, sustainability, a holistic approach to architecture and preservation of cultural diversity.

The UIA promotes architectural design competitions with a focus on quality solutions for the built environment as an effective means to obtain exceptional and innovative realisations that positively impact their surroundings.

The UIA organises and endorses awards/prizes to acknowledge notable achievements in both practical and theoretical fields.

To coincide with the UIA’s 75th anniversary, Regina Gonthier and Jerzy Grochulski (ICC Co-Directors 2015-2023) have undertaken a study of architectural design competitions since 1949 and awards/prizes since the 1960s in order to document the work undertaken by the UIA since its foundation in favour of architectural quality.

This study traces the history of design competitions and explains their relevance to today’s world. It documents the UIA’s performance and highlights the responsibility entrusted to the UIA to conduct exemplary competitions, promote competition culture and provide expertise.

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