Built Environment Education by the UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme


Venue: Bella Center - B3 M3-4
13:45 - 15:15

The UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme brings together architects working in the field of Built Environment Education (BEE) for children and young people all over the world. We also arrange Golden Cubes Awards to honor people and organizations that help children and young people to understand architecture.

In this seminar we will learn about the Work Programme what we do and how we can help each other to develop Built Environment Education using our growing worldwide network.
We will also learn about a new MOOC focusing on BEE.

The winners of Golden Cubes Awards will be presented and finally we will learn about the BEE program in Bulgaria and how children can manage in post-earthquake area in Türkiye.

Heba Safey Eldeen and Suzanne de Laval Co-Directors of Architecture & Children WP
Presentation of the seminar and the Work Programme.

Angela Million, Heba Safey Eldeen and Marta Brković Dodig Berlin Technical university, Misr. International University Cairo and Union University Nikola Tesla
BEE MOOC presentation. MOOC is a free online university course available for anyone to enroll.

Hadeer Saeed Dahab Golden Cubes Awards winner, Audio-visual media
Al Khalifa Urban Dreams.

Gerd Grüneisl and Joscha Thiele Golden Cubes Awards winner, Institution
Spielstadt Mini München.

Rita Terbe and Fruzsina Barta Golden Cubes Awards winner, Written media
Landscape-space-repository + Creations boost visual-spatial-intelligence.

Tomoko Fukuguchi Golden Cubes Awards winner, School Workshop centered on building a straw hut.

Magdalina Rajeva Architectural workshop for Children in Sofia
Presentation of the BEE program in Bulgaria.

Ahsen Özsoy Children’s changing use of space in post-earthquake conditions in Türkiye.