UIA Charter for Built Environment Education for Children & Young People


Image credit: UIA Golden Cubes Awards 2020 – UK- MATT+FIONA – Room for Art

The UIA Architecture and Children Work Programme will organise a side event during the World Conference on Culture and Arts Education 2024 convened by UNESCO.

Convened by UNESCO, the Conference will bring together Culture and Education Ministers from around the world in view of adopting a Framework for Culture and Arts Education (Abu Dhabi Framework for Culture and Arts Education). The World Conference will also unite relevant UN agencies, intergovernmental-organisations and UNESCO networks and partners in the field of culture and education to share practices and innovative ideas, as well as strengthen a global alliance for culture and arts education.

The UIA Architecture and Children Work Programme‘s task will be to promote and support urgent action and development in built environment education (BEE) for children and young people worldwide.

The UIA Charter for Built Environment for Children and Young People was created to influence public policy and advance architecture in service to the needs of society in accordance with UIA’ s mission. It was produced on the initiative of UIA Architecture and Children Work Programme and approved by the UIA General Assembly. The Charter constitutes a framework providing direction and guidance to governments, authorities, institutions, architects and teachers involved in founding, creating and implementing built environment education. 

The Charter formulates the basis for dedicated action by architects and educators committed to providing built environment education to children and young people all over the world. It is rooted in our awareness of the responsibility that we, as professionals, owe these future participants in the creation of the built environment we share.

About the Side Event – Built Environment Education

International Union of Architects (UIA) Architecture & Children Work Programme,

Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)

CONFERENCE ROOM B 3 (GROUND FLOOR) 14 February 2024, 9:00- 10:00

9:00- 9:40

Presentation of the UIA Charter for Built Environment Education for Children and Young People: 

Preamble, Aims, I. General Considerations, II. Objectives of built environment education (BEE), III. Conditions for practicing BEE, IV. Conclusion. 

Mina Sava (Romania)

Architect, co-director of the UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme, president of De-a Arhitectura Association, member of the Romanian Order of Architects. Contact: +40723588628

Krisztina Somogyi (Hungary)

Architect critic, a visual communication expert and an environmental psychologist, UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme member.

Heba Safey Eldeen (Egypt)

Architect, former co-director of the UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme.

Victoria Thornton (UK)

Expert in architecture education and social value development. It is her vision that urban design and architecture is an inspiring and positive force improving the lives of current and future generations – recorded.

9:40- 9:50

A case study presentation- A sustainable future: from the participatory design to the SDG

Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) –recorded 

Kevin Alexander Echeverry Bucuru (Colombia)

President of Reconnecting with your Culture - America

9:50- 10:00


About the Work Programme

The UIA Architecture and Children Work Programme  aims to raise awareness among children of the built environment, architecture, urbanism and sustainable development. Fostering their knowledge in these fields will ensure their development as responsible citizens, able to make their voices heard and influence the political, economic and social strategies that will shape their cities and their environment.