From Ioannina to Copenhagen through Africa


On 19 December 2023, the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ioannina organised a symposium on its participation in the UIA Great Green Wall student competition and the reflections drawn from the UIA Congress in Copenhagen. Apostolos Panos, assistant professor and coordinator of the event, highlighted the importance of engaging with an active international community of architects in the face of crucial global challenges.


Professor Emeritus Fani Vavili, UIA Council Member and President of the UIA Greek Member Section, explained the role and structure of the UIA, highlighting its multidimensional contribution to cultural and environmental awareness. UIA Region V Vice-President Vity Claude Nsalambi shared his thoughts on the impact of the Great Green Wall project, underlining the importance of raising awareness in Africa and the fundamental role of education.


Professor Emeritus Nikos Tsinikas explored the links between natural forms, structures and architectural practices in his lecture on nature and architecture. Architecture students Kostantina Pistofidi and Nikolaos Bottis presented their design project for the UIA student competition, highlighting the many benefits of their participation in both the competition and Congress. 


Associate Professor Nikolaos Patsavos formulated 10+1 principles for sustainable architecture, derived from the conclusions of the UIA Copenhagen Conference, presented in the form of a manifesto to guide future architectural actions. The Department of Architecture expressed its gratitude to the UIA for the enriching experiences offered to the students and staff, also thanking the UIA representatives and the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) for making the students’ trip to Copenhagen possible.