The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture has released a publication titled “Architecture of the Pandemic: A compendium of COVID-19 responses in the built environment” as a contribution to the 2022 UIA Year of Design for Health.

The purpose of this compendium has been to collect and highlight examples, in cities and buildings, of responses to the needs arising from COVID-19 – both in Denmark and internationally. These examples may inspire and contribute to the discussion on how we can add value to pandemic preparedness in the built environment through a ‘Build Back Better’ approach. And, while novel today, these examples may someday become a natural part of everyday, post-pandemic life. 

This compendium contains 35 projects, each an example pointing to a potential to Build Back Better. The projects have been selected because they show, in specific ways, how architects, authorities, institutions, and a large number of other actors in the built environment have created solutions that support transmission control while also improving quality of life. 

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