The UIA has partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO) to promote the Sourcebook “Integrating health in urban and territorial planning”.

Developed in collaboration with UN Habitat, it is designed to guide decision makers towards developing cities planned and built with a focus on human and environmental health, showing how an integrated approach to health can influence decisions on sectors such as housing, transport, energy, and water and sanitation.

The way we plan and build our urban environments defines our quality of life. It affects not only the quality of our living spaces and transport, but also the air we breathe, the water we drink, and our access to nutritious food, education, health care services and employment.

Integrating health in urban and territorial planning is a sourcebook designed as a tool to assist national governments, local authorities, planning professionals, civil society organisations and health professionals, to improve planning frameworks and practice through the incorporation of health considerations, at all levels of governance and across the spatial-planning continuum.

Download the Sourcebook