Centre for the Promotion of Science

About the competition

The ambition of this competition is to select an architectural design of the Centre for the Promotion of Science and propose urban development solutions of the Block 39.

It is expect to build approximately 10,000 m2 for exhibition areas, science club, planetarium dome theatre, conference halls, restaurant/café, as well as administration and technical units.

This Competition is organized by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) supported by the Association of Serbian Architects and the Association of Belgrade Architects.

Results (competition over) : 

First prize : Wolfgang Tschapelle , ZTGMBH Architekten,                                                                                        Vienna, Austria View the entry 

Second prize : Sou Fujimoto Architects, Ove Arup Japan Pty. Ltd.,                                                                            Tokyo, Japan View the entry 

Third prize : ARCVS architectural bureau, Branislav Redžić, MSc(Arch), Dragan Ivanović, MSc(Arch), Zoran Milovanović, BSc(Arch), Zoran Đorović, MSc(Arch), Vesna Milojević, MSc(Arch), Boris Husanović, MSc(Arch), Marko Todorović, MSc(Arch),  Predrag Stefanović, MSc(Arch)                                                                           Belgrade, Serbia. View the entry 

Honorable mention 1 : PESQUERA ULARGUI ARQUITECTOS, S.L.P, Eduardo Pesquera Gonzalez,  Jesus Ulargui Agurruza,

Associates:  Jorge Sanchez Limon, Judith Sastre Arce, Javier Mosquera Gonzalez Ignacio Espigares Enriquez, Eva Castano Franco.                                                                                                                                                         Madrid, Spain. View the entry 

Honorable mention 2 : Vladimir Lojanica, BSc(Arch), Associate Professor,

Associates – designers: Sonja Pešterac, BSc(Arch), Marija Ćorluka – Mijović, BSc(Arch), Vladimir Cvejić, BSc(Arch), Marija Konstandinidis,MSc(Arch), Nikola Ilić,MSc(Arch).                                                                    Belgrade, Serbia. View the entry 

Honorable mention 3 :Durig AG, Jean – Pierre Durig, Gian Paolo Ermolli, Jonas Fritschi , Jan Heider, Flurina Hilpertshauser Roland Deiner (Caretta Weidmann),                                                                                                         Zurich, Switzerland. View the entry

Timetable : 

  • Publication of the invitation and beginning of the registration : 15 September 2010
  • Beginning of downloading of the competition documentation : 21 September 2010
  • Deadline for the registration and downloading of the competition documentation : 21 October 2010
  • Deadline for the questions for the Promoter : 30 October 2010
  • Publication of the questions and answers of the Promoter on the website of the competition : 10 November 2010
  • Deadline for the receipt of the proposals : 01 December 2010
  • Assessment of proposals and selection by the Jury : 13 December 2010
  • Announcement of the winners by the Jury : 17 December 2010
  • Exhibition : 17 April 2011
Keywords : Education, Sustainability

Theme and objectives

The objectives of the Serbian Research and Development Infrastructure Initiative is to enhance the production of knowledge and scientific excellence by enabling Serbian research institutions and researchers to increase their ability to generate, adapt and use new knowledge and become key actors contributing to the achievement of sustainable development, prosperity and economic growth. The creation of this centre has the intention of bridging the gap between scientists and society as a whole, educating the younger generation and transmitting the scientific methods that affect the construction of a dynamic society open to the challenges of the future and playing a key role in the better quality of life solutions and the affirmation of a knowledge-based economy in Society as a whole.

The goal of this competition is to make environment and new building as one solution for the future development for the new universities surrounding as well as new science world. It is required to provide as well urban and architectural ideas for the remaining part of the Block 39, hosting the University Campus (e.g. Universities of Belgrade : Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Faculty of Organizational Science). 

Key criteria

The winners of the design competition will be selected on the basis of the following criteria, which are not listed in any order of priority :

  • Overall architectural, aesthetic, functional and technical assessment of the response to the requirements set out in the competition brief.
  • The use of integrated design, including integration, synergy, sustainable measures and cohesion between the architectural concept of the Centre and the remaining area of the Block 39.
  • Cost estimate, including the proposed design’s robustness in terms of compliance with the budgetary framework. A specific assessment will be made of the way in which integrated design has been used from a point of view of construction costs and building technology.
  • Quality of functional, layout and operational designs.
  • Assessment of the proposed solution against the required construction deadlines and phase construction.

The winning proposal has to be innovative and original, to possess the quality of a new landmark and represent a state of the art architectural edifice.

Jury Members

  • Bozidar Delic, Ministery of Science and Technology Serbia or his representative Darko Dukic (Adviser to the Minister), Serbia.
  • Dejean Vasovic, Architect, Serbia.
  • Jovan Mitrovic, President of the association of Serbian architects, Serbia.
  • Roberto Simon, Architect (UIA representative), Brazil.
  • Dorte Mandrup, Architect, Danemark.
  • Gunter Katherl, Architect, Austria.
  • Ourania Kloutsinioti, Architect, Greece.

Deputies Jury :

  • Miomir Korac, Serbia.
  • Nicholas de Monchaux, Architect, USA.


Architects can participate if they are licensed, certified, registered or authorized in a professional body in their country.

Architectural teams participating in the competition shall have at least one licensed/certified/registered/ authorized architect who will be the team leader.


Congratulations to the winners listed above.

A total amount of 100.000 EUROS will be available for prizes and honourable mentions and will be distributed as follows :

  • First prize : 60,000
  • Second prize : 20,000
  • Third prize : 10,000
2 Honourable Mentions, each 5,000.

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